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cyclical factors of recession

DIVERSIFICATION Demand for mast products is affected by such cyclical factors as recession and such seasonal factors as climate. The unfortunate consequence of these variables is sales fluctuation, which can frequently be substantial enough to cause lay offs of personnel. One way to diversify a companies‘ risk is to consider foreign markets as a solution for variable demand. Such markets, even out fluctuations by providing outlets for excess production capacity. Cold weather, for instance may depress soft drink consumption. Yet not all countries enter the winter season at the same time, and some countries are relatively warm year round. Bird, USA, inc., a Nebraska manufacturer of go carts, and mini cars, for promotional purposes has found that global selling has enabled the company to have year round production. It may be winter in Nebraska but its summer in the southern hemisphere-somewhere there is a demand and that stabilizes the business. INFLATION AND PRICE MODERATION The benefits of export are readily self-evident. Imports can also be highly beneficial to a country because they constitute reserve capacity for the local economy. Without imports, there is no incentive for domestic firms to moderate their prices. The lack of imported product alternatives forces consumers to pay more, resulting in inflation and excessive profits for local firms. This development usually acts a s prelude to workers demand for higher wages, further exacerbating the problem of inflation. Import quotas imposed on Japanese automobiles in the 1980‘s saved 46200 US production jobs but at a cost of $160,000 per job per year. This cost was a result of the addition of $400 to the prices of US cars, and $1000 to the prices of Japanese imports. This windfall for Detroit resulted in record high profits for US automakers. Not only do trade restrictions depress price competition in the short run, but they also can adversely affect demand for year to come