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Cultural Heritage

There are however, a range of medium level risks which will be actively managed through identified control measures. No risk was assessed as having an initial or residual risk rating of extreme. The top three risks have a residual risk rating of high, and have been acknowledged as key areas for management: 1. Vehicle incident associated with the transport of materials and personnel off-site on public roads 2. Mobile equipment incident on site, including all operational areas and vehicle types 3. Project personnel mental health issues, including potential for self-harm, associated with or exacerbated by living away from home and lack of family / support networks. 5.4.2 Key control measures Key controls for the management of identified risks are covered in the EMP (Appendix X) for the project, which encompasses the following sub plans:  Air and Dust Management Plan  Biodiversity Management Plan  Cultural Heritage Management Plan  Emergency Response Plan  Fire Management Plan  Hazardous Substances Management Plan  Mine Closure Plan  Non-mineralised Waste Management Plan