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Construction Engineering and Management


Smartsheet is a cloud-based work management and automation tool with powerful collaboration capabilities. You can use Smartsheet to manage a project of any size or scope, and keep all project stakeholders – both internal and external – up to date by sharing your project sheet(s) and communicating in real time. Smartsheet also has an extensive library of templates with Gantt charts, from simple project scheduling tools to tailored sheets for specific business needs, so it’s easy to get started managing your project timeline. 

With Smartsheet’s “Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies” template, you can keep track of all tasks and the associated time and resources. Input start and end dates in the traditional grid on the left, and instantly visualize the length of each task in the built-in Gantt chart. From there, you can find dependencies among tasks, and identify the tasks that directly impact your end data by enabling critical path. Then, based on the results of your PERT analysis, you can adjust the length of each task using drag-and-drop editing in your chart. For a tutorial on this template, check out our video.

In addition, use your project sheet as a central hub to store all related project information. Copy emails and add notes in Comments, or attach documents directly to the rows in your sheet. Assign tasks to team members, and request progress updates and set reminders to keep everyone up to date. Finally, access your sheet anytime, anywhere using desktop or via Smartsheet’s mobile apps.