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Cell counting, viability, proliferation or cytotoxicity assays

Cell counting, viability, proliferation or cytotoxicity assays[edit]

A cell-counting assay may determine the number of living cells, the number of dead cells, or the ratio of one cell type to another, such as numerating and typing red versus different types of white blood cells. This is measured by different physical methods (light transmission, electric current change). But other methods use biochemical probing cell structure or physiology (stains). Another application is to monitor cell culture (assays of cell proliferation or cytotoxicity). A cytotoxicity assay measures how toxic a chemical compound is to cells.

Environmental or Food Contaminants[edit]


Other cell assays[edit]

Many cell assays have been developed to assess specific parameters or response of cells (biomarkers, cell physiology). Techniques used to study_cells include :

Metastasis Assay