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Building Partnerships with stakeholders: The role of Information Education and Communication

Institutional Medium Term Strategic Plan The formulation of the medium term institutional strategic plans (MTISP) should be a major element of the PMS process. The medium term institutional strategic plan sets out critical information regarding priorities, verifiable indicators and targets, linkages and dependencies, phasing and sequencing, and preliminary cost estimates within the institution set up in a medium time framework. The plan clearly spells out the goals; objectives; results; activities; cross-cutting issues; implementation strategy; risks and risk mitigation monitoring, evaluation and reporting; institutional arrangements; summary work plan as well as budget and financing strategy. In this regard, PMS should be designed and aligned with a view to ensure the successful implementation of MTISP within the MDA’s. GUIDE ON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INCLUDING MEASUREMENT, MONITORING AND EVALUATION 2011 10 1.5 Institutional Medium Term Expenditure Framework After the preparation of the strategic plan, it is advisable that each MDA prepare a medium term expenditure framework (MTEF) as a tool for operationalizing the strategic plan. It is at this level that the plans are linked to performance budget by taking the objectives and targets in the plan and developing activities, determining inputs and undertake costing. 1.6 Institutional Annual Plan (AIP) Annual institutional plans should be derived from