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Building acute Partnerships with stakeholders

The Guide is about performance management in the public service in its comprehensive sense. It goes beyond addressing performance appraisal of individual employees and focuses on measures to generate improvements in service delivery across the entire public service spectrum. The Guide has two specific objectives. • It aims at actualizing the long-term strategy that spells out measures to be taken to realize the objectives outlined in the African Charter on Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration. • It provides strategic framework that AU Member States can use with adaptations in designing nationally-owned, country specific performance management systems to secure GUIDE ON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INCLUDING MEASUREMENT, MONITORING AND EVALUATION 2011 4 improvements in the performance of public sector organizations with a view to enhancing service delivery. The Guide spells out strategic approaches and operational tools that public service managers can use to generate enhanced performance at institutional and individual levels. The Annex to the Guide titled Report on the Adoption and Use of Performance Management Systems including Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation in Africa contains information on global and African good practices that users of the guide may also want to consult.