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back-end business platforms, then SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful, well-priced choice. But be warned that

Apache Spark is a developer-friendly big data analytics platform that supports large SQL, stream processing, and batch processing. Like Apache Hadoop, it is an open source platform in data processing that supports a unified analytics engine for machine learning and big data.

To maximize this solution, you can run it on Hadoop to create applications that will leverage its power, derive deeper insights, and improve data science workloads in a single and shared database.

Consistent levels of response and service are expected with its Hadoop YARN-based architecture which makes the tool one of data access engines that work in YARN in HDP. This means the solution, along with other applications, can share a common dataset and cluster with ease.

Why choose Apache Spark?

  1. Unified solution. It caters to creating and combining complex workflows as it comes packaged with support for SQL queries, graph processing, machine learning, and higher-level libraries.
  2. Data processing engine. Data analysts can execute streaming, machine learning, and SQL workloads in development APIs needing fast access to datasets.
  3. Easy-to-use APIs. The tool is easy to use as it offers a collection of over 100 operators for data transformation and familiar data frame APIs for semi-structured data manipulation.

16. SAP Business Intelligence Platform

SAP Business Intelligence Platform dashboard example

SAP Business Intelligence Platform is a data analytics tool for monitoring key metrics and gaining valuable insight into customer behavior while eliminating guesswork in the process. At its core, it serves as a BI solution for delivering actionable information at your reach. It is available both in the cloud or on-premise to suit your requirements.

The platform offers various tools including SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite. They are used for solving specific business needs and leveraging decision-making. By supporting the collecting IQ of your business, this tool is reliable in providing a high standard for enterprise data analytics and BI.