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Assessing and Cultivating Ethical Culture

  • If New Zealand is to realise its potential as a nation we need the skills, the ideas, the creativity and the work of every one of us. That’s what makes strong nations successful.“To those who say that this is not the business of Government I reply that Government, on behalf of the taxpayer, cannot continue to increase funding of programmes seeking to solve problems, when the answers sometimes lie elsewhere, in the complex areas of personal and family relationships, responsibilities, and self discipline… “The Coalition believes that if we are to succeed we must share the responsibility of meeting people’s social expectations from within our country’s available resources. We must take the responsibility of making choices and debating what choices must be made.
  • We believe New Zealanders want solutions that will make a positive difference. They are worried about children’s health, fatherless families, young people at risk, mental illness and the unemployed. They want the underlying causes addressed. Not just the symptoms.The Coalition Government believes addressing these issues can only be achieved in partnership. We must find consensus on what Government can do, on behalf of the taxpayer, and what New Zealanders and their families can and must do for themselves to solve these problems.If money was the only pro