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application of the leadership qualities in the health education career

Qualities of a Good Leader

Prior to completing this assignment, read page 141 of Bensley and Brookins-Fisher (2009) and examine the nine qualities that make a good leader. These particular traits apply mainly to coalitions and support groups, but they can also be used within many other aspects of being an effective health educator. In addition to the textbook reading, read the articles Leadership and Teamwork: Two Sides of the Same Coin and The High Flying Leadership Qualities: What Matters the Most?

write a document expanding upon each of these nine concepts by addressing the following:

· Explain each quality in your own words (ask yourself “What does this mean?” to help address this item).

· Demonstrate how you have used each skill in your own experiences (ask yourself “how might I have used this in my personal or professional life?”). Note: If you have never applied this to quality, please demonstrate how you COULD have used it in your personal or professional life. Provide details of that experience as part of your response.

· Explain how you would be able to use this leadership quality in your health education career.

· Identify one additional quality not listed here that you believe is associated with leadership.

· Explain how you would apply or have applied that additional quality in your career.