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ancient Greece (ethos); Social scientific research

Means of Persuasion Source Credibility The impact of source credibility on persuasion can date way back to ancient Greece (ethos). Social scientific research in persuasion showed that there are two major dimensions in source credibility: expertise and trustworthiness, although dynamism, liking, similarity and physical attractiveness might also influence source credibility.5,6 Information and Source Credibility: • A means to enhance expertise: Information on background, formal training, education, personal experience, and knowledge on the subject. • A means to enhance trustworthiness: legitimacy, speaking against one’s own interest, endorsement. Non-Verbal Communication and Source Credibility:7 • Features that enhance expertise: fluency, facial pleasantness/smiling, facial expressiveness. • Features that enhances trustworthiness: facial pleasantness/smiling, facial expressiveness. Message Delivery and Source Credibility:7 • Features that enhance credibility: pitch variation, citation of sources • Features that diminish credibility: filled pauses, response latency Maximizing the Impact of Source Credibility on Persuasion: • Personal relevance minimizes the impact of source credibility • Positioning of the source at the beginning maximizes impact