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a SWOT Analysis

What questions would you ask to determine the feasibility of this project? Each answer is worth 2 points. This question is worth 8 percentage points, so you are giving four questions you would ask. Some of your questions may be general in nature, but, as a minimum, two have to specifically refer to this project.

Feasibility study means is performed in the initial design stage of any project, which brings together the elements of knowledge that indicate if a project is possible or not.

C Cost-Benefit Analysis

See the Excel workbook provided to you for the structure of your answer to this question.

Assume the following facts:

· A project will cost $60,000 to develop

· When the system becomes operational after a one-year development period (no benefits in Year 0), operational costs will be $12,000 during each year of the system’s five-year useful life.

· The system will produce benefits of as given:

· Year 1 – given as $33,000.

· Year 2 – given as $34,000

· Year 3 – given as $35,000

· Year 4 – given as $38,000

· Year 5 – given as $41,000

· You will use the values in the Discount Rate table below for a Discount Rate of 6% (outlined in the table below)