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​Dividend payout ratio, A-shares

fter completing this course, students should be able to understand: • The goal of financial management and the role of the financial manager • How to determine a firm’s cash flow from its financial statements • Securities valuation • Risk/return relationships PREREQUISITE 52:010:101. 50:640:130 or 121, and 50:960:284 REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS (1) Textbook: Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield and Bradford D. Jordan, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 11th Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin. (2) Financial Calculator: A financial calculator is mandatory for this class. A recommended calculator is the Texas Instruments BAII Plus. Whichever calculator you buy, it is your responsibility to learn how to use it. In the class, I will demonstrate the solutions based on Texas Instruments BAII Plus. You have to bring your financial calculator to every class since the second week. It is important that you know how to use your calculator properly, which will affect your grade dramatically. HOW TO SUCCEED IN THIS COURSE The material presented in class provides the essential backbone of the course. You are expected to: • Read all materials assigned for each class • Use power point slides as a guide for key concepts • Follow instructions in all assignments • Start assignments early and get feedback from the instructor • Consult/meet with the professor immediately when you need help