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Writing multiple-choice test items

Multiple Choice question

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When a question requires people to choose from a list of options, you need a Multiple Choice question. An essential part of quizzes, exams, testssurveys and more, here’s how to use this useful and durable question in your typeforms.

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Multiple Choices can also be used to create complex question types such as Likert Scale questions: to evaluate something according to any kind of set of criteria.

Here is an example from our Social Media Survey template (find it in our template gallery!):1. You can add one to your typeform by clicking on the Add your first question/Add new questionbutton in the Create panel. This opens the questions menu, where you choose Multiple Choice by clicking it.

2. Now type your question, and hit Enter to add answers:

3. To go to the next question using your keyboard, hit Enter. This will open another choice, and when you hit Enter again, it will remove that empty choice and open a new question.


1. To open settings for your Multiple Choice question, click on the icon highlighted here:
2. You’ll find the standard question settings at the top, where you can change the question type, make it Required, add a description, and so on: