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Avoid fines and additional costs

Any company that has personal data of an individual who is a resident of the EU has to comply with GDPR regulations. If not in compliance when a GDPR audit is conducted, the company can face large penalties, including €20 million or up to four percent of the company’s total worldwide annual revenue for the preceding financial year, whichever is greater.

AdNovum can assist in planning your organization’s incidence response plans. Most organizations already have some form of response plan but the new GDPR has some requirements that may not have been considered. How well organizations can react will directly affect the risk of fines for the data breach.What does this means for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)?

GDPR is a complex and detailed regulation. It impacts most customer facing organizations, which will have to review and modify all customer touchpoints, from web to mobile, to comply with these new requirements. Organizations need powerful tools that can accelerate GDPR compliance initiatives; translating terse legal requirements into simpler step-by-step instructions, helping them create appropriate documentation for upcoming GDPR compliance assessments.

Contact our cyber security experts to learn more about a CIAM tool that is designed for GDPR compliance and tailored to your organization’s needs.