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Workers tendency to deviate:

Delegative Leadership Effects

A delegative leadership style is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the autocratic style because it’s a “laissez-faire” style that allows employees to pretty much make their own decisions, establish their own standards and determine their own objectives. A leader who chooses this style doesn’t make any major decisions, but cedes this responsibility to supervisors and team members. This style also delegates guidance and implementation of protocols to employees, with leaders only intervening in critical situations.

While employees may like this leadership style, the overall effect may be one of confusion and a lack of direction. The reason is that without guidance from company leaders, employees tend to become confused about company goals as well as who to go to when problems arise. This style can also create an environment in which employees lack accountability when things go awry. However, if your company is staffed with many experts in individual departments, then this style can be productive because it allows your experts to take charge of their teams without needing your approval.