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Women at work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Level of education significantly affects ability of women to seek employment opportunities compared to their male counterparts. According to Black-Chen (2013), Caribbean women have been dragging behind in terms of basic and college education enrollments compared to other minority groups. However, Black-Chen (2013) observes that there is a remarkable increase in the continuing education enrollments among non-traditional-aged families in Jamaica and United States. In an effort to investigate the academic experiences of Jamaican women going back to college, Black-Chen placed emphasis on support services within the higher education institutions attended. Black-Chen asserts that policymakers should focus their attention on support services within the higher education institutions to address the challenges and develop strategies for successful academic and social integration into the higher education environment. Further, the researcher suggests the need to amplify women’s voices as a way to understand the efficacy of education in providing women competitive job opportunities.