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Wide range of connectors

Qlik Sense is powered by the associative engine to deeply extract insights commonly missed by other query-based data analytics tools. It does so by indexing each possible relationship between data and combining them from various data sources into a centralized view. The cloud-based data analytics platform provides you with flexibility in providing the right solution for various cases for analysts, teams, and global enterprises.

The absence of pre-aggregated data from common query-based tools paves the way for asking new questions and generating analytics even without waiting for the help of experts in building new queries. Sharing of insights is made with ease regardless of your organization’s size as the system enables work collaboration in a secure, unified hub.

Why choose Qlik Sense?

  1. Smart visualization. Find insights visually by the fully interactive interface of the platform that enables you to pan, zoom, and make selections to explore and pinpoint your data effectively.
  2. Interactive analysis. Interactive selection and global search let you explore data and ask any question to with no limits to exploration. Each click also updates analytics instantly to ensure the most up-to-date version is available.
  3. Flexible for any device. Touch interaction and a responsive mobile design ensure you can work on any device once you build the analytics app once to enable exploration, collaboration, and creation of analytics.

7. GoodData

GoodData dashboard example

GoodData is an end-to-end, secure cloud data analytics system that caters to your entire data pipeline—from the moment you take in data to the time you deliver the insights you generated. It is not only available to enterprises, but to partnerships and software companies as well. The product is mostly used in industries such as insurance, retail, financial services, and ISV.

This smart business application integrates insights directly into your point of work to expedite the decision-making process. Improvements are also automated over time as it learns from user actions and is capable of making data-driven predictions. On top of that, the tool ensures enterprise-grade security in HIPAA, GDPR, SOC II, and ISO 27001, among others.

Why choose GoodData?

  1. Industry-specific solutions. The tool has solutions specifically built to cater to the needs of ISV, retail, financial services, and insurance industries.
  2. Quick implementation. Deployment is done quickly so you can immediately use the system within 8 to 10 weeks.
  3. Embedded analytics. Analytics is embedded to your application so you can extend it for any use case such as machine learning, benchmarking, basic reports, and advanced analytics.