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What is the maximum volume of N2O at STP that could be produced using a 2.40-mol sample of each reactant?

The addition of ammonium chloride to rat feed resulted in reduced dietary consumption. The results of studies… pointed to a direct effect of the ammonium ion on the brain area that regulates feeding. Rats with bilateral lesions in the prepyriform cortical area of the brain consumed as much diet containing 3% ammonium chloride as basal diet. A unilateral injection of 10 mg/liter of 2% NH4Cl/kg body weight into prepyriform cortical areas, in contrast to an injection into other areas of the brain, or an injection of sodium chloride, significantly reduced the food intake of 6 adult male Wistar rats. The results of these studies suggest that ammonium ions directly influence appetite by their effects on prepyriform cortical areas.