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what is the difference between HR in small businesses that in large firms?

Answer each question in great detail!

1. Employment interviews are critically important. Tell me about the worst interview you have ever had.  Don’t give names or identify companies, but tell me what made that interview the worst.  What was it about the interview that made it so bad? What would you have preferred to be done differently?

2. This week I want you to spend some time thinking about training you have received at various points in your life.  Think about how you reacted to the training.  Was it successful or not?  Could you have benefited from a different approach? For this assignment, describe one of the training experiences from your life.  Tell me what training techniques were used and why they were or were not successful.  Tell me how you would conduct that same training for someone else.

3. You have applied for a position as a manager and the position advertisement stated that benefits were “negotiable”.  You have been offered the job and agreed to the salary offer.  The HR Director has asked you to come in to discuss your benefit package.  Tell me how you will prepare yourself for this meeting. What questions would you ask concerning benefits? Describe the benefits package you would try to negotiate for yourself.

4. Your textbook defines ethics as:  “The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group; specifically, the standards you use to decide what your conduct should be.” 

a. Many have said that the people entering the workforce in the last decade lack personal ethics and have little concern for the best interest of the company.  Others have said that those same people are simply reacting to the company culture and are justified in behaving unethically because they are pressured by company supervisors to do more and more just to keep their job.

b. Which perspective do you hold?  Why? Do you think that ethical behavior is becoming a thing of the past?  If so, why?  If not, why?

5. How is HR in small businesses different than that in large firms? Explain why HRM is important to small businesses.