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What is the Difference Between Ethics, Morals and Values?”

Cost of Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture

The best news about having an ethics and compliance program and strengthening workplace ethics is that it costs very little in comparison to the benefits that corporations receive from it.

Creating a robust ethics and compliance program won’t drain or strain the corporate budget and doesn’t require significant resources for implementation.

Ethics and Compliance and Preventing Misconduct in the Workplace

Now that the differences between ethics and compliance are clear, the question becomes how corporations can use the relationship between them to develop a strong ethics and compliance program to prevent misconduct in the workplace.

It’s obviously not possible to get into each employee’s head and force them to make the right decisions and do the right thing. Nonetheless, it is possible for companies to create an environment that resounds of strong ethics and legal compliance.

Donald Cressey was a leading penologist, sociologist and criminologist. He spent his career educating others about the issues that lead to misconduct. Cressey created a well-known Venn diagram that shows how the overlap between opportunity, rationalization and pressure creates the perfect storm for fraud.