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What Is Human Resource Management & Human Resource Planning

Human Resources is also this section of where you can find information about everything from a single human resource to the field, the career, managing people, and contributions of HR within your organizations.

Are you looking for information about human resources management, human resources development, how to manage and supervise people, or how to work with people at work? Here are the resources you need to start, manage and develop your human resources department and all of the people aspects of your business and work.

New to Human Resources?

Before you plunge into the intricacies of recruiting and hiring, and the rest of the information on the site, are you interested in fundamental information about Human Resources?

A frequently asked question received from readers is: What is the Human Resources function? These fundamental human resource questions are answered in the FAQ. A management pro? Move on. If you are just starting out or have basic questions about Human Resources and/or getting into the HR field, check out the HR FAQ.

Human Resources Management Content Guide

Want more management, business, and human resources information? The information you need is here.

Employee Management and Employee Performance Management

Looking for information about supervision, leadership, management, and performance management? Find information about supervision, leadership, management, and performance management here.

Business Management and Policies for Workplace Management

Looking for information about business managementstress management, policy development, and workplace management? Find information about business management, stress management, policy development, and workplace management.

Motivation, Coaching, Training, and Education for Employees

Looking for information about any aspect of human resources, motivationcoachingtraining or education for your business or organization? You’ve found the right resource. Here are all the resources you’ll need to effectively startmanage and develop your human resources department and all aspects of your business. Find information about motivation, coaching, training or education.