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What is Change Management

The basic purpose ofstrategic analysis is to help analyze how the firm can generate returns in excess of the firm’sopportunity costs (these are rents) by engaging in a more effective corporate strategy and, at thebusiness level, more effective competitive strategy (Porter, 1996). The framework describes and briefly explains the major components of a strategic analysis,and outlines the major components of strategic analysis and the order they should be covered in aproject write-up. It consists, therefore, of a coherent “skeleton” of a comprehensive strategicanalysis. Of course, it is only a generic guide. A project should be adapted to the specific needs (i.e.,the project specification) of the client. Corporate-level analysis for firms with multiple business unitsis more complex than an analysis of firms in a single line of business. Some projects are moreoriented to an industry analysis (a potential client for this type of analysis might be a firmconsidering entering the industry). Other projects are essentially analysis of entry into a new marketor (new) business plans