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What are the responsibilities of an effective purchasing department?

Every profit-oriented firm is always interested in making sure that they do everything possible to maximise the profit from the particular venture they engage in. They, therefore, go an extra mile to evaluate some business processes and make informed decisions to ensure that they get the best deals.

This is essentially what organisation buying revolves around. It is the process that formal institutions use in establishing the essence for making a purchase of productsor services by identifying, assessing and selecting the ideal alternative to the available brands and suppliers.

In a typical organisation, there are those people that are involved directly or indirectly in the organisational buying process. All these people are referred to as the buying centre. This centre is always different bearing in mind that it involves people with different and unique abilities and perspectives.

Organizational buying

Ideally, it is also possible that not everyone is going to make the decisions revolving around organisational buying, but it should be noted that they can still be regarded as part of the purchasing process due to the influence that they could be having in the process.

The supplier must be able to produce quality products or offer quality service to the organisation. Any compromise on the quality can adversely affect the organisational performanceand subsequently causing undesirable business dealings.