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‘‘Warfare Increases Egalitarian and Parochial Motivations in Children.’’

john Garang in a helicopter crash. In the immediate aftermath of Garang’s death, thousands of Southerners in Khartoum took to the streets, many believing Garang had been assassinated. During the riots, large numbers of civilians were caught unexpectedly in areas heavily affected by violence, without deliberately selecting into the conflict. By chance, some Northerners were harmed during the riots, while other similar Northerners were not, which we argue below affords us a clean way to estimate the effect of violence on political opinion. Our analysis shows that exposure to the 2005 riots significantly increased support for separation but at the same time decreased support for Southerners’ rights to retain their citizenship in the North. This suggests that the literature’s seemingly divergent claims can be complementary, in particular in the context of a secessionist struggle. Individuals exposed to riot violence are more likely to support conceding Southern independence, not because they have become more moderate, but because they are no longer willing to live in close proximity to Southerners.