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Vinci Robotic Surgery Revolution

da vinci surgery

Even before laparoscopic surgery took off around 1990, several companies, backed by U.S. defense grants, were at work on robotic surgical systems.

Laparoscopic surgery has proven to be a significant medical advance, turning major surgeries that left scars and kept patients in the hospital for several days, into fairly minor procedures.

As robotic surgical systems moved through research and testing, many doctors hoped the new technology would increase those advances.

The companies building surgical robots were certainly optimistic. In product names like Zeus, Aesop, and da Vinci, one can hear great aspirations.

Zeus and Aesop were both purchased by Silicon Valley manufacturer Intuitive Surgical, and dissolved. So the hope that robotic-assisted surgery advances hangs on da Vinci, which was first approved for clinical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000