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Using effective interviewing skills to evaluate the abilities of the potential talent pool.

Orienting new employees to the organization. • Implementing retention practices. • Coaching employees. • Informing and promoting staff members and staff teams. • Recognizing, rewarding and valuing the expertise and input of others. • Making jobs meaningful, challenging and contributory to the department and the organization.  Creates, fine-tunes and manages workflow, staffing patterns and staff schedules so they maximize the effectiveness of the individual’s care and the effective deployment of staff and volunteers/interns, where appropriate.  Understands effective safety and health-management policies and procedures. Creates a culture of safety for staff. Ensures that work processes are free from safety and health hazards. Works with employees on safety and training. Puts programs in place to promote worker safety.  Creates and maintains complete, timely, accurate and confidential staff records. Collaborates with appropriate departments, including human resources, to carry out performance management and workforce development.  Oversees ongoing and timely performance management. Effectively utilizes the organization’s method of performance evaluation. Ensures that staff evaluations are timely, accurate, frequent, collaborative and based on clear, job-based criteria.  Implements the organization’s progressive discipline policy, and its internal grievance process, in a fair and consistent manner.  Assures quality orientation and ongoing training that represent evidence-based practices, use adult learning principles, and employ staff as trainers and mentors.  Expresses positive expectations of how staff members will develop their skills over time. Believes others want to and can learn to improve their performance. Assists and coordinates educational opportunities to support the goals of workers.  Nurtures top employees so they can successfully assume leadership roles within the organization. Helps team members develop the skills and confidence to work independently of supervisor.  Empowers and motivates staff. Provides constructive feedback and support.  Works with staff to create performance improvement plans.  Models self-care and work-life balance. Back to Human Resources Core Competencies