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Urban Detroit Agriculture and Education Project

To engage the public in developing policies that improve quality of life.

Since 1998, Engaged Public has worked with elected officials, civic leaders, and citizens to create actionable public policy.

We understand it is not just about having smart ideas. It is also about building consensus among stakeholders to turn ideas into reality.

Time and time again, we found that the development of better public policy begins with a careful understanding of the issues and their environment. We carefully construct dialogues that drive genuine and compelling policy solutions. In the long-term, our aim is to build stronger communities through a well-informed citizenry and better prepared leaders.

Our approach is characterized by a few straightforward ideas:

  • Learning. When people learn together they make better policy. Often the first step in a policy development process is to create a shared learning agenda. When necessary, we add subject matter experts to our projects to provide comprehensive, neutral data.
  • Relationships. Good relationships produce better outcomes. We actively work to help participants understand, respect – and even like – each other regardless of whether they agree or disagree on the issues.
  • Trust. Solutions are seldom developed in an atmosphere of distrust. We place an emphasis on helping to create a trusting environment and on being trustworthy ourselves.
  • Humor. While not exactly a principle, we also believe that humor – a well timed joke or a relevant anecdote – can sometimes make the difference between success and failure. We also take a solemn oath not to bore people or to take ourselves too seriously.