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Unification through diversification

Managing philosophical differences
It is not uncommon for compliance professionals to encounter a situation where individuals take differing positions on a common issue, despite the fact that they are all operating within the framework of a common or the same CEP. This is primarily attributed to whether these individuals adopt either a compliance focus or an ethics focus in their decision making. What makes these situations so challenging is that those involved often have very strong feelings on why their actions are “right.” The compliance group may take the position that their position is in alignment with rules and regulations, while the ethics-focused group may dismiss what is required by the law and supplant it by what is recognized as consistent with the organization’s culture and value system, which therefore make their decision “right.”

Therefore, the ability of a compliance professional to relate to, understand, and recognize why employees operating under the same CEP may have such differing positions is a key skill to have and develop. By being able to detect and manage the philosophical differences of employees, a compliance professional can help reconcile their differences by showing how the CEP is effectively supported by those who genuinely feel they are applying it in good faith.Unificatio