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Unification through diversification

At Premier, we recognize the value of integrity — integrity of the individual, the enterprise and our alliance. Integrity forms the basis of our successful business operations and underpins all of our business relationships.

Our alliance members rely on our integrity, expertise and professionalism. They receive the best products and services at the lowest price. Likewise, suppliers count on us to maintain competitive bidding processes that are fair, timely and understandable. Our employees look to us to provide a fair, respectful and constructive workplace, free of harassment or retaliation, where they are able to achieve their professional aspirations. Named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by the Ethisphere® Institute 12 years in a row, Premier continues to operate with integrity in order to meet our commitments and to fulfill our important role in improving and transforming healthcare.

We hold ourselves, members and suppliers to our high ethical standards. In upholding our code, we disclose our practices to the public. Premier is a founding member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII), a voluntary association dedicated to ethical conduct and business practices, and to serving the confidence of the public and government officials. The initiative is based on six core purposes, including creation of and adherence to a written code of business conduct that establishes high ethical values, quality healthcare, cost-effectiveness, an open and competitive purchasing process, sound business practices and public accountability. HGPII supports the inclusion of a strong code of conduct by suppliers and encourages its members to consider whether suppliers have adopted the AdvaMed code of conduct or a similar code.

Business Practices

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Human Trafficking Policy

Supply Chain Management

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