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understanding of the potential severity of impact.

The risk assessment process has been undertaken using a systematic approach consistent with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines, which is schematically presented in Figure 5-1. The early steps in the process involved establishing the context. Key considerations were setting the boundaries and the scope of the risk assessment, including an initial Project Description (Chapter 3), which formed the basis for the impact and environmental risk assessment. After the context was established, technical specialists systematically identified potential causeand-effect ‘pathways’ associated with the project, determining the links between project activities and the potential to impact on a given value or issue. Once a preliminary risk register was completed by each technical specialist, a risk workshop was held to discuss the full range of risks. This workshop allowed technical specialists from key areas to discuss risks which were interrelated. A risk assessment for socio-economic risks was completed in a separate risk assessment workshop.