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understanding and promoting effective communication in engineerin

Major: Business Communications

If you’re fascinated with the way individuals and groups communicate, you have something in common with business communications majors. These students don’t rest until they know they’re getting their point across in the most effective way possible.

They learn more than how to practice and manage communications within businesses. They also learn how to communicate with those outside the organization, handling everything from ad campaigns to public-relations crises.

Business communications majors learn how to write, edit, and speak professionally.

Did You Know?

Students of business communications go on to become speech writers, desktop publishers, grant writers, and more.

Are You Ready To…?

  • Learn how to train others
  • Work on group projects
  • Create mock marketing packets and pamphlets
  • Learn how to improve teamwork within corporations
  • Develop and deliver formal presentations using audio/visual aids
  • Examine the psychology of communication
  • Study the history of the media
  • Learn how to write and speak clearly

It Helps To Be…

A lover of language with great people skills who enjoys working on team projects.

College Checklist

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” — Mark Twain

Course Spotlight

In a class on public relations writing, you’ll learn how to create and promote a public image — of an organization or a person. This class will introduce you to a wide range of professional techniques. You’ll learn how to write press releases and public service announcements and to secure TV and radio interviews.

You’ll have to be a writing machine to pass the class — and take quizzes and exams. But by the end of the semester, you should be ready to ace the writing test you may receive from potential employers. And that’s nothing to sneeze at.