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Transportation management system (TMS) implementation

Following is a description of 17 miniprojects. Each miniproject involves preparing a comprehensive technical paper and carrying out a substantial programming project both of which are closely related. About three students can collaborate on each miniproject. Each group should send me an email, before September 25, indicating the members of the team and a list of 4 projects, one of which will be assigned to the team.

Guidelines for preparing the term paper and a Latex style file for the same are provided in a separate note. Here is the schedule: 

September 27, 2000Allocation of projects to groups
October 10, 2000 Each group will provide a detailed outline of the term paper and also a detailed specification for the programming assignment
October 20, 2000 Review of final specifications for the programming project
October 31, 2000 Deadline for submitting the term paper
November 10, 2000 Deadline for Programming Project submission
Nov 13-17, 2000 Demos of programming projects

The projects fall into four categories:

Strategic Planning (SP) 

Operational Optimization (OO) 

Performance Modeling (PM) 

Web-enabled Supply Chains (WEB)(1) It is expected that projects belonging to a category are interoperable. The ultimate objective is to make  projects interoperable across categories. 
(2)  Many of the miniprojects will involve computational solvers (LP, ILP, MILP, linear equations, etc.).  Public domain software for these will be made accessible from this webpage soon for this purpose. 
(3)  What is currently outlined here is a first level description of the problems. You can peruse the leads provided here and do your own search for relevant material (Journal Papers, web resources, etc) towards evolving a detailed outline for your term paper on this topic  and  towards defining the specifications for the programming project. 
(4) If you are unable to download or access the lead papers, contact  hari@csa, or biswas@csa, kameshn@csa, or raju@csa for the material.