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Transformative approaches to social organization

IHEAL history and context

IHEAL was created in February 1999 by non-governmental organisations to support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision Making, and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus 1998), and the World Health Organisation-Europe Environment & Health Ministerial Declaration (London 1999). The IHEAL Network cooperates closely with the Public Participation Campaigns Committee of the Pan-European ECO Forum.

IHEAL workshops on electronic access and Internet mapping have been presented at the Pan-European ECO Conference on Public Participation, in Chisinau, Moldova (April 1999), the Healthy Planet Forum, in London, England (June 1999), and the UN/ECE PRTR Task Force in Prague, Czech Republic (February, 2000).

At the Prague UN Task Force Meeting, IHEAL presented the results of the successful pilot Projekt IHEAL which placed interactive maps of pollution releases in the Czech Republic on the Internet. Sharing chemical disaster information over the IHEAL electronic mail listserve, our Network’s members tracked the recent cyanide spill disaster in the Danube River basin and digitally mapped its spatial impact on the Tizsa River.

Support for IHEAL

IHEAL’s founding organizations are:

  • Environmental Partnership for Central Europe
  • Green Spider Foundation
  • United Nations Environment and Development UK Commitee (UNED-UK)
  • Union of International Associations (UIA)
  • International Campaign for Responsible Technology – Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

The IHEAL website is jointly produced by:

  • Green Spider Network
  • International Campaign for Responsible Technology GIS Research Team

Financial support for IHEAL has been generously provided by:

  • European Commission Directorate General of the Environment, Nuclear Safety and Protection (DGXI)
  • UK Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions
  • World Health Organisation – Europe
  • Private contributors

In-kind services have been provided by:

  • Environmental Management and Law Association
  • Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
  • Union of International Associations
  • Winged Horse Trust