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Overview of Account Analysis and Drilldown

The following diagram illustrates the flow of General Ledger’s web-based account and journal inquiry feature.

Account Analysis and Drilldown Flow

the picture is described in the document text

Use General Ledger’s Account Analysis and Drilldown feature to:

  • perform ad-hoc queries
  • query multiple accounts simultaneously
  • save and reuse frequently used search criteria
  • customize query result layouts

Common applications of Account Analysis and Drilldown include:

  • quickly view account balances online without running a report
  • research discrepancies

Selecting a Format to Display Inquiry Search Results

Before initiating an inquiry from the Account Balances page, specify the search results display format:

  • Period Listing (the default), displays search results with periods stacked vertically.
  • Period Trend, displays search results with periods shown horizontally.

From the displayed search results you can:

  1. drill up on the Summary Accounts icon to summary balances in the Summary Balances page
  2. drill down on summary accounts to detail balances in the Detail Balances page
  3. drill down on period-to-date balances to journal lines in the Journal Lines page, and further drill down to subledger details