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Toward an understanding of Arab women entrepreneurship in Bahrain and Oman

Structural Equation Model Analysis Figure 1 represents the model of structural equation and the coefficient value of the path. Table 1 (see page 72) shows some equation function. Results of processing by using a robust method of maximum likelihood, acquired full model path diagram as shown in Figure 1. Similarly, the mathematical model of structural equation functions can be summarized in Table 2 (see page 72). Figure 1: Diagram path full model Effect of Entrepreneurship Commitment to Self-Efficacy ISSN 1985-692X 72 International Journal of Business and Management Science, 8(1): 67-81, 2018 Table 1: Equation function through structural equation model Item Entrepreneurial Error Variance R 2 Commitment Intention Competence Equation I Entrepreneurial Intention 0.78*KB 0.39 0.61 0.10 0.10 7.77 3.79 Equation II Entrepreneurial Competence 0.80*KB 0.35 0.65 0.21 0.18 3.84 1.93 Equation III Self-Efficacy 0.06*KB 0.77*IK -0.15*KK 0.46 0.55 0.20 0.18 0.14 0.12 0.33 4.32 -1.09 3.84 Equation IV Self-Efficacy 0.55*KB 0.70 0.30 0.09 5.85 Table 2: The decomposition of the effect of inter variable Effect of Inter variable Effect Total Effect (R2 ) Direct Indirect through Direct Indirect through IK KK IK KK KB — IK 0.78 0.78*0.78 = 0.61 KB — KK 0.80 0.80*0.80 = 0.65 KB — ED 0.06 0.78*0.77 = 0.60 0.80*(-0.15) = -0.12 0.06* 0.06 = 0.00 0.60 *0.60 = 0.36 (-0.12) *0.12 = 0.01 IK — ED 0.77 0.77*0.77 = 0.60 KK — ED -0.15 (-0.15)*0.15 = 0.02 Based on the data in table above, values contained in each track on a full model diagram above shows the value of the direct influence and indirect influence between variables partially constructs. The magnitude of the direct influence of entrepreneurial commitment to self-efficacy showed no significant effect with the contribution of the effect of only 0.0041, or 0.4 per cent while the remaining 99.6 per cent is sourced from other variables not studied in this research. The results of this analysis answer questions for the purpose of research into one. The results of the analysis can be explained that that commitment of students to engage in entrepreneurial-oriented activities has not influenced the level of self-confidence to become entrepreneurs. In accordance with the facts, students are generally more interested in the activities of student organizations are not touching the values of entrepreneurship to produce something of value in accordance with the creative and innovative scientific field. Furthermore, in the above table describes the results obtained indirect effect on the efficacy of self-commitment to entrepreneurship through entrepreneurial intentions. The magnitude of the indirect effect is shown through the coefficient values track through KB to IK. The value of the coefficient paths indirect influence is at 0.6001 so that the contribution of indirect influence (R2 ) is 0.3608 or 36 percent. The results of the analysis show that there is an indirect effect on the efficacy of self-commitment to entrepreneurship through entrepreneurial intentions are less significant. It is explained that the commitment to entrepreneurship have an impact Effect of Entrepreneurship Commitment ISSN 1985-692X International Journal of Business and Management Science, 8(1): 67-81, 2018 73 on student self-confidence if supported by an entrepreneurial intention are student attitudes and behaviors that lead to the desire to find information or space for the development of entrepreneurial activity. Lack of facilities and space for the development of entrepreneurship activities was one factor that led to the lack of commitment and entrepreneurial intentions among students, so the effect on the level of self-efficacy to perform valuable entrepreneurial activity.