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To maintain consistently high levels of implementation fidelity

Each of the 21 schools assigned to receive SWPBIS training formed internal SWPBIS teams comprising 5 to 6 members (teachers, administrators) who attended an initial 2-day summer training led by 1 of the developers of SWPBIS. the SWPBIS school teams attended annual 2-day summer booster training events. Consistent with the effectiveness trial design, all initial training and booster training events were coordinated and led by the Maryland Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports State Leadership Team and were also attended by other SWPBIS teams from across the state.All SWPBIS schools received on-site support and technical assistance from a trained behavior support coach (eg, school psychologist, counselor) for the duration of the trial. Additional professional development and technical assistance were provided to the behavior support coaches through state-coordinated training events conducted 4 times each year.