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time-variant and non-volatile database

A(n) ______________ is an integrated, subject-oriented, time-variant and non-volatile database that provides support for decision-making.

[removed]a. data warehouse 
[removed]b. managerial view 
[removed]c. database system 
[removed]d. data store

In the ROLLUP SQL extension, the ____________ of the column list within GROUP BY ROLLUP is very important.

[removed]a. inclusion 
[removed]b. placement 
[removed]c. order 
[removed]d. multiplication

Which of the following is a basic component of the star schema?

[removed]a. Dimensions 
[removed]b. Facts 
[removed]c. Attributes 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

The power of multidimensional analysis resides in its ability to focus on specific _______ of the cube.

[removed]a. pictures 
[removed]b. modelings 
[removed]c. slices 
[removed]d. users

The ___________ component of the BI architecture performs data analysis and data-mining tasks using the data in the data store.

[removed]a. data monitoring and alerting 
[removed]b. data analytics 
[removed]c. data visualization 
[removed]d. data store

You have been asked by a client to normalize the driver dimension and to create multiple fact tables for the receipts that a driver collects for each of the new aggregation levels.  Fill in the blanks with the field names used in the star schema to accomplish this task