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the word processor software

Use a word processor to create the business report in portrait-mode, single spaced, Times New Roman (TNR), 12-point font for all non-heading text.

The Ten Questions:

  1. Why are businesses becoming so dependent on mobile applications? Provide specific examples to support your answer.Source: Chapter 1 and online search
  2. Apply Porter’s five competitive forces model to a business example in an Australia company such as Big W ( or Telstra (you can nominate a company as you would like). Discuss the competitive strategy of the business of this company and how the Internet has influenced the various competitive forces for the business of this company.Source: Chapter 2 and online search
  3. Explain Internet access in the United States and throughout the world is continuing to grow steadily. In early 2016, nearly 50 percent of the world’s total population was accessing the Internet. In the United States, 88.5 percent of the population was accessing the Internet. Whereas many western European countries are in the mid-90 percent range and slowly move toward 100 percent penetration, Iceland is still ranked as the only country having 100 percent of its population online. At the other end of the spectrum, many small and very poor countries are still struggling to gain access. In countries such as Guinea, Somalia, and Eritrea, less than 2 percent of the population is online. In between the bottom and the top, access varies widely. In Asia, about 50 percent of the population has access, while less than 10 percent of those living in Africa have access.

(a) Search the web for the most up-to-date statistics.
(b) Discuss how these numbers will look in 5 years and 10 years. What changes have to be

made to the global networking infrastructure? What issues/opportunities do you see arising?

Source: Chapter 3 and online search

4. Describe social commerce and explain how companies can leverage consumer’s socialnetworks.Source: Chapter 4 and online search

5. Discuss three of the downsides and dangers using social media applications.Source: Chapter 5 and online search

6. Define a Database Management System (DBMS). What is an entity? Differentiate between records and attributes with example.Source: Chapter 6 and online search

7. Why do organizations need integrated enterprise systems?Source: Chapter 7 and online search

8. Briefly describe the concept of portals in the context of supply chain management.Source: Chapter 8 and online search

9. Describe some methods of requirements collection during systems analysis.Source: Chapter 9 and online search

10. (a) What is unauthorized access? Provide a few examples for unauthorized access.
(b) Write a short note on information systems risk assessment. What are the three ways in

which organizations react to perceived risks?