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characteristic of a range of liberal arts disciplines

  • Conflicts
  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • Military Leadership
  • Peacekeeping
  • Peacemaking

In your paper, you should:

  1. Present an application of the methodologies and approaches characteristic of a range of liberal arts disciplines (e.g., anthropology, history, literature, political science, philosophy, and international relations) in a military context.
  2. Analyze issues concerning the role of the military within its chronological and geographical context.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to conduct effective research by creating a final summative research project.
  4. Assess the moral and ethical concerns raised through the study of the relationship of the military to society.
  5. Analyze the importance of the military as an instrument for the preservation of peace as well as the waging of war.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the character traits necessary for becoming a responsible, moral leader.

The paper must be written following the weekly procedures outlined in this course. Topics will be discussed and must be approved by the instructor.