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“The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior”

Despite the development and use of a complete ethical code, there have still been ethical violations and controversies. For instance, although the APA takes an explicit stance against conversion therapy,[3] this treatment remains controversial amongst many psychologists and religious groups and is still being practiced by some.[4] There is also some disagreement within the field about the ethical implications of using a treatment that may be less effective than another known treatment, although some psychologists argue that all therapy treatments are equally effective (see: the Dodo bird verdict).[5] The APA has also been implicated in helping the Central Intelligence Agency to continue “enhanced interrogation techniques” of detainees under the Bush administration. This presented an obvious violation of the organization’s code of ethics and has been addressed by the APA in the form of reports, responses to media outlets, amendments to policies, and rejections of the allegations.[