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The Study of Ethnomusicology: Twenty-Nine Issues and Concepts.

The concept of anthropomorphism is gaining in popularity in marketing and product design. Particularly in automotive design, the trend to develop cars whose fronts look like the human face is increasing (e.g., VW Beetle, Mini). But, in striving for product success, whether the mere morphological shape of a product’s design is sufficient to activate a human schema is, as yet, an unanswered question. In the context of marketing-mix activities, what specific contribution can anthropomorphic product design make to developing a product’s personality? To answer these questions, evidence on the psychological process which underlies anthropomorphizing is needed. ecently proposed the schema-congruity theory to explain how anthropomorphism works, but their experimental approach left it open if consumers anthropomorphize products spontaneously when they see a human-like product (i.e., according to an automatic bottom-up process) or whether it has to be triggered externally