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The standard solution of Vitamin C

In general; as long as you know the concentration of one reactant (in this case the iodine

solution) you can use it to determine the concentration of the other (in this case the Vitamin

C content of commercial sources).


Remember: drawing a diagrammatic representation of what you will do in your experiment

can help you to visualize what you’ll need to do during the session and also to not

accidentally miss crucial steps.

Before commencing work you should watch the video, ‘Solution Preparation’. You will need

to equip yourself with headphones and wait until your colleagues are ready before asking

your demonstrator to start the video.

Reminder – each student should work individually. It is important that you work carefully in

order to gain worthwhile experience from this class.

Hazardous substances

Iodine I2 toxic, irritant

Starch (C6H10O5)n irritant