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the Sovereignty of the Socialist Republic

This empiric study is carried based on the primary data collected and its treatment through combination of secondary source of data, with qualitative and comparative methods. Primary data is collected through direct questionnaire with former employees and other citizens in the region of Prishtina, capital city of Kosovo. Secondary source of data is carried by studying reports, journals, books and other publications related to privatization. It is selected the list of 10 sold SOE’s, mainly big ones that were expected to produce eff ects. For each region 2 enterprises and for each of them 30 citizens to be interviewed, meaning that 300 people were interviewed in fi ve regions. Out of 300 interviews 281 accepted to have an interview while 18 have refused to respond. Analyze of data is processed through the following steps: • Producing of questionnaires to carry out interviews • Performing direct interviews with former employees or citizens • Data collection and their registration • Analyze of data and outputs • Comparison of outputs with literature on privatization and politics • Determining the main consequences and benefi ts of privatization • Findings with conclusions and recommendations