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The resistances to psycho-analysis.

I will illustrate with two specific examples of the con-sequences of ass-hat behavior. First, in the fall of 2005, in the months leading up to the conference, the SCiP Web site ( was attacked by malicious hackers who vandalized the site and destroyed all of the data. This stupidity wasted the time of people such as Web master Xiangen Hu, who works on the Web site as a labor of love. The hackers destroyed our ability to collect advance registration fees online and delayed communication of time-sensitive materials. Second, in our own research on a Web-based intervention to help families of children with traumatic brain injury (TBI; Wade, Wolfe, Brown, & Pes-tian, 2005; Wade, Wolfe, & Pestian, 2004), participating families had a devil of a time with the Sobig virus and spy-ware. The intervention gave families of children with TBI computers, high-speed Internet access, and Web cams to test the efficacy of a Web-based intervention. Participat-ing families came from all walks of life and varying levels of computer experience (e.g., parental occupation ranged from lawyer to janitor). The project staff and participating families had to wrestle with spyware and viruses on top of learning the technology and confronting the presenting issues associated with TBI. That the projects proved suc-cessful is a testament to all involved.