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The Relationship Between Public International law and National law

Your assignment is to write a research project that includes a review of the current understanding of the topic, a clearly stated hypothesis, a description of the experimental or observational methods you would use to test your hypothesis, and a discussion of how your research will contribute to the field of this Course. Before you begin writing your proposal, you must conduct considerable research to determine what studies have been done and what questions remain unanswered. This library research should continue as you write to help you dig deeper into the topic, formulate your ideas, and devise your methods. Be prepared to make room for this back and forth between research and writing as you consider and reconsider your project ideas and begin drafting your proposal. You are free to select a topic you feel comfortable with.

The length of paper should contain no more than 1500 words.

I. Organisation

1. Abstract

The objective of this very short statement is to tell the reader something about the purpose of the course work and its content. You should explain what you intend to do and why. Then you should tell the reader what you did and what you would recommend.

The Abstract should be written at the end, when you have finished your work and the structure is complete. It may duplicate some statements included in the Introduction and/or Conclusion. The length of the Abstract should be no more than 50 words.

2. Introduction

The Introduction provides reader with an overview of the paper:

· introduce the topic, relevance/reasons for the topic to be researched;

· identify your primary aims and objectives;

· outline the key areas to be covered/define research questions;

· describe methodologies used while conducting research (in one paragraph).

The background section, if needed should be short and focused on the topic, real statistical data can be included, if needed.

3. Title 1

This chapter gives you an opportunity to show the reader that you have learned to analyze and to synthesize the views of others in relation to your paper.

You will summarize contents of books, articles, laws and/or regulations that have direct relevance to your course work. You should compare and contrast ideas, theories, legislation and/or views relevant to your proposed topic.

(Possibilities: present situation, practice in your country, regulations and practice, experiences from other countries, trends, and examples in different fields of border guard work…)

At the end of this chapter, identify the principal research questions/objectives to be addressed. Explain what is under researched and why and how particular research questions were selected. This will form the basis of your subsequent writing.

(You may categorize collected information/data by titles and sub-titles, if necessary)