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The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma treatment

character styles: the hated/ schizoid child, the abandoned/oral child, the owned child, the used child, the defeated child, the exploited child and the disciplined child. He linked these character styles to childhood experiences and later to personality and psychopathology. Johnson describes the characterological issues that arise from attachment and bonding. The schizoid and oral issues come first developmentally because they involve the frustration of instinctual needs that are present at birth at that can be discriminated at birth or thereafter . Johnson’s theory predicts that individuals with the schizoid issue will be particularly vigilant to harsh social environments, especially to harshness that resembles the early form in which is experienced. The oral character, whose caregivers were unreliable or insufficient in response to his/her needs and the caregivers are frequently needy themselves. As a result of this, the child relinquishes the dependent position before being satisfied, thereby remaining chronically needy and dependent. Throughout life, the individual consistently denies the dependency that may be apparent or compensated, but that is always disapproved of by the selfWith any formation of character is intended that the individual does not identify purely with one type. argues that maintaining any kind of identity is an obstacle in an individual’s growth.