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The Principle of Liking

There also exist techniques to make people more resistant to persuasion. One effective way of making a person more resistant to subsequent persuasive attacks is to commit him in advance to his initial belief by encouraging him to make a public announcement about it; Commitment becomes even firmer when the person is led to make irreversible decision and to take action on the basis of his initial belief.

The Ethics of Persuasion

Like other professionals, the public relations practioners should also abide by certain norms and ethics of their profession. They should avoid the use of false, irrelevant land illogical arguments, gimmicks or half-truths to convince their audience. If they are not expert in the concerned field, they should not pose to be the one.

Such appeals which may arouse hatred and bigotry, should not find favour with a public relations practioner. The concealment of your real purpose of persuasion may also endanger the credibility and trust of your persuasive communication. The public relations practioners should be clear-minded and should never try to deceive their audience.