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the primary components of cardiovascular disease

Monterey County Health Department Strategic Plan
Contact: Krista Hanni, PhD, Program Manager 831-755-4586
National Public Health Accreditation achievement is supported by developing continuous quality improvement methods and performance measures for all Bureaus and the Department and assuring they are aligned to 12 national public health accreditation standards. Performance measures are monitored by PEP. Tools for this work include a Community Health Status Assessment report, a Workforce Improvement plan, customer satisfaction surveys, and a Community Health Improvement plan to help assure the Department is working at capacity to fulfill its mission and reach its goals.
National Public Health Accreditation
Contact: Patricia Zerounian, MPP, Management Analyst II 831-755-4583
Health in All Policies (HiAP) addresses health equity by working to incorporate health and wellbeing considerations and prerequisites into policy development for all sectors and in the County’s general plan HiAP engages Health Department staff, key community members, and community leaders in efforts to improve social and environmental conditions that affect individual and public health.
Health in All Policies (HiAP)
Contact: Carmen Gil, MPA/HSA, Program Manager 831-755-8997
Access to Care Together, health insurance, local care options, and a usual source of care help to ensure access to health care. Having access to care allows individuals to enter the health care system, find care easily and locally, pay for care, and get their health needs met. Staff also oversees strategies to increase access and conducts Health Department outreach, enrollment and retention activities in relation to Affordable Care and as part of access to care equity efforts.
Affordable Care Act Outreach and Enrollment
Contact: Carmen Gil, MPA/HSA, Program Manager 831-755-8997
Prevention First 1305 Project
Contact: Krista Hanni, PhD, Program Manager 831-755-4586
Additionally, PEP supports the Health Department and neighborhood health equity improvement efforts by assisting health department programs and community organizations with program evaluation, chronic disease and built environment data requests and health impact reviews, and providing grant writing support for cross-systems grant proposals.