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The power of multidimensional analysis

___________________ describes a process on the client side that will generate an SQL query to return the correct answer in the least amount of time, using the minimum amount of resources at the server end.

[removed]a. User performance tuning 
[removed]b. Database performance tuning 
[removed]c. SQL performance tuning 
[removed]d. Entity performance tuning

DBMS performance tuning at the server end focuses on setting the parameters used for:

[removed]a. Data cache. 
[removed]b. SQL cache. 
[removed]c. sort cache. 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

Given the following SQL Query, which columns would you recommend to be indexed?SELECT InvoiceNumber, InvoiceDate, Invoice_Total, Invoice_Paid,
Invoice_Total – Invoice_Paid as Balance
FROM Invoice
WHERE Invoice_Date >= “2015-07-20” and Salesman_Id = “JR”
ORDER BY DESC Invoice_TotalDrag the correct answers to one of the three pockets.

                                              invoice Number


                                              Invoice Date




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