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The Path to Effective Oral Communication

Importance of effective Communication in an Organization

Effective communication is important for the development of an organization. It is something which helps the managers to perform the basic functions of management- Planning, Organizing, Motivating and Controlling. Communication skills whether written or oral form the basis of any business activity.

Communication serves as the foundation of every facet of a business. Thus, it can be said that effective communication is the building block of an organization. Some of the benefits of effective communication skills are:

Communication in an organization

– Communication keeps the foundation of motivation. It helps the employer to know how a job is being performed and to improve performance if it is not up to the mark.

– Communication acts as a source of information and helps in the decision making process and helps in identifying the alternative course of action.

– Communication also helps in building people’s attitude. A well informed person will always have better attitude than a less informed person. Different forms of communication like magazines, journals and meetings will help the employees to form different attitudes.

– In the current business scenario, no business can survive in isolation. Socializing is very important and communication is the tool that helps in socializing.

Communication Process

– Apart from the other functions of management, it also helps in the controlling process of management. It allows the managers to know about the grievances of the subordinates and helps the subordinates to know about the policies of the organization.

Communication is one of the basic features of management. It is instrumental in raising the morale of the employees. It is through communication, verbal or non-verbal, that people submit different feedback and requirements to the management. has designed various skill development courses to enhance the professional communication skills both oral and written of an individual.